Friday, August 24, 2007

Computer Nerd

Oh my goodness, these last few days I have nuts. Is there something in the air or what? Maybe I am just good at procrastination but don't think so. I think my Inbox in my email filled up in on day and they weren't the kind of emails you could just read and delete. They required some serious thought and attention. How does that happen all at once?

These last couple days I have been on the computer day and night inundated with a ton of work email and phone calls. All relating to cycling of course and all good too which is nice to be able to say.

What in the sam heck have I been doing? ...I have been writing articles for cycling rags, press releases for websites, helping out with details in a Cyclocross clinic that is coming up in a few weeks, updating my race resume, figuring out what CX races I am doing and not doing, scanning media into the computer, telling my other set of parents where I am going to be every day for the next 3 months (you guessed it....USADA), getting emails together, getting the right parts ordered for my new cyclocross bikes............which I only come the conclusion on after calling all my favorite bike shops in SLC and keeping those poor guys on the phone for what seems like hours along with surfing the net trying to get info. And, geez have I ever been in the hem and haw mode over mountain gears vs. road gearing vs. single chain rings vs. double chain rings along with trying to figure what my poor legs can or cannot handle. And no, I still haven't come to a conclusion on that stuff. Aye-yie yie. All fun but WOW that all came at once.

My eyes are buggy. I am out....

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Anonymous said...

wear a moo-moo, it's easier.