Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NMBS Overall Standings

Well despite all my mishaps this season I still managed to pull out a Top 10 in the Overall NMBS (National Mountain Bike Series) Standings for both Cross Country and Short Track. I know I am capable of way more than 9th overall in the Cross Country and 7th overall in the Short Track (read this as confidence, not cockiness please) which is where I ended up, so that just gives me HUGE fuel for the fire starting right now.

I have to say that despite all the weird things that happened to me this year out on course I still had my best season to date with two podiums - one in Short Track and one in Cross Country. That was my goal and I achieved that goal.

Now I am in my off season which is kind of tough for me because I would still like to be out there racing because that is just what I do! I still feel fresh mentally even though physically my body (ribs) is telling me otherwise. I think that must be the natural drive all athletes have just to keep going and going and going and going despite what their bodies and minds tell them. I know deep down I need to lay off and let these ribby's heal up and that is going to take some serious self discipline on my part.

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