Thursday, August 16, 2007


Every year at this time Chris and I celebrate the off season by heading to Granny's in Heber City, UT. Granny's is a milkshake/malt place that has been around forever and ever. They also serve very evil cheeseburgers, onion rings and all that other what I call "fair food". Now that is what I am talking about! So once a year I let myself go there for nice nutritious meal (not!!) with Chris who is always an accomplice to this disaster of a meal. But lord its sooooo good especially after racing almost every weekend since March. But its only good once because afterwards when you are sitting back with your belly full, you realize what you have done and then guilt sets in and its ruined for another year.....thank heavens.


Mother Theresa said...

Hey, what am I chopped liver?! I would have been all over the ice cream? Onion rings would be good too but my stomach might not be too happy!

Anonymous said...

Some people have all the luck. If I eat food like that, the gut bomb puts me outta commission for a couple days!