Monday, September 17, 2007

Cyclocross Skills Clinic

Ali Goulet......clinician extraordinaire:
Bart, Ali and I had our 2 day Cyclocross Clinic this last weekend for any and all who wanted to learn more about cross and/or how to do it and what to do in order to do it! All skill levels were welcome and that we got, getting never evers to those that have raced a ton.
Practicing and refining your technique is highly under rated and I am not sure you can practice enough polishing those skills. Even if you get them polished in dry conditions.....guess what? you need to polish them in snowy conditions, rainy, slick, muddy, the list goes on. That's what makes it so fun! (Sick, I know).
Corning, barriers, starting techniques, run ups, braking techniques and a nice plyo/pilates/yoga routine were all part of the fun these last two days:
This picture below pirated from here:
We even discussed some nutritional needs along with how to lay out a good solid CX training plan for the season.

Oh and, of course, Ali had to break out the water so he could soak the area around the tree to practice slick cornering skills. He is too funny:

It was pretty amazing to see how everyone progressed so quickly. These guys and gals were killing it by Sunday afternoon. I was so proud of everyone. You guys were all amazing and your are all going to do so great at the races!!
It was an excellent weekend of making new friends and creating new skills. I had a blast with all you guys and will see you out there soon!


flahute said...

Kathy --

Many thanks again for the use of your Crank Bros. multi-tool at the Doctor's CX clinic this evening.

Thankfully, nothing broken (on the bike, or especially on me); just knocked a little out of whack ...

Kathy Sherwin said...

No problem. Glad I had it handy and I am glad everything worked out for you too.