Friday, September 14, 2007

CX Nats Reg Opens!

I am such a geek but so it everyone else. Here I thought I would be practically the only one waiting patiently WITH NOTHING ELSE TO DO OR THINK ABOUT on a Friday night for the 11:01 pm CST open registration time (.......I know, I know - get a life Kathy!!!). Staging for the Elite Women at the Cyclocross Nationals in KS is based on first if you are the defending National CX Champion, then by UCI Points, then if you were top 20 at 2006 National Championships and finally by order of registration.

And, as it turns out I wasn't the only insane one waiting patiently for the open registration time on a Friday night. A LOT of people in a bunch of different categories were covering their tail this evening. Some categories even got 40 to 50 deep in 20 minutes time!! It was kind of funny actually to watch the amount of folks that were online doing the same thing I was in the late night hours. And considering some of those people people were on East Coast time. Wow - that was a late night for them indeed!

This just proves how obsessive /compulsive, anal retentive, detail oriented and focused a cyclist can become and sometimes needs to be (I would most definitely fall into this category). Here we all are making sure in stinking SEPT-FRICK-TEMBER (when cross season really hasn't even begun yet) that we are covered for call up at a National race in DEE-FREAKIN-TEMBER. Incredible!


Anonymous said...

nerd, but you make me look good, so game on......

Utah Mnt biker said...

After calls ups they should just do a drawing for position instead of making everyone register in the dead of the night.

StupidBike said...

dead of the night, boooo

Kathy is just gettin up from a nap at 11.

I am all for wrestling, in the mud for start position.