Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today Chris and I headed out for a long mtb ride with some buds. It was nice out too; I couldn't believe the weather.

Chris and I met The Chad and Warren near Park City and rode our hearts out. I was so gitty with excitement for whatever reason that our ride turned into more of a race. I kept attacking The Chad and trying to pass him while riding over the weeds and bushes. I was crazy today out there I do admit. I don't know what got into me but I just wanted to hammer and feel pain.....and it felt good!! Oh my goodness what is wrong with me!!!!? And, The Chad responded every time too which was fun!! Then just when I decided it was rest time and would be cruising along behind The Chad, he would look back and freak out cuz he wasn't expecting me right on his wheel and he'd surge putting my heart rate right back up to the red zone trying to stay with him. There was no way I was going to let him go!! Not letting that happen!! And he wasn't about to give in either which made for a fun day :) It was definitely a game of cat and mouse the whole day and that was a blast! We kept each other on our toes.

Once Chris and I got home, we were expecting a few overnight guests and as a last clean up suggestion I asked Chris to dismantle the fly trap that smelled like a dead know, it was the least we could do right? It's just those small things that really make eating a dinner out on your deck pleasant. :)

But as Chris was removing it off of the deck, it snapped sending the 1/2 gallon bag of dead fly carcass's along with the juice that smells like dead deer (to attract the flies in) sailing down 12 feet only to explode with force and splatter ALL OVER the lower patio area. Oh GROSS!!!!! So much for getting rid of the smell. UGH. I am hoping for rain now.....

Only a Sherwin I tell you...

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