Monday, October 1, 2007

New Motorcycle

Oh man, Chris just called and said that we have just inherited a motorcycle (thank you!). But I am not sure a Sherwin (namely HIM) should be on one of those things............I mean you do know how much stuff he has ruined? The amount of of skis and bindings Chris goes through in a normal ski season right down right crazy. "I just broke it" is what I hear all winter long. Same goes for bikes - lets see, there is currently a trashed front wheel in the garage, he put a dent in my old road bike, broke the rear triangle on another bike like 3 times, shall I go on? I have never seen a guys ruin so much stuff in my life. But you see I would rather he do it to the item and not himself for sure.

Oh ya and to add to the madness, how could I have forgotten? The icing on the cake is that he has layed out this exact motorcycle before while riding it on the streets. Broke something on it - can't remember what - but didn't hurt himself thank heavens.

Ok, case closed!! It's mine. :)

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