Sunday, September 9, 2007

When Did I Become "Math Stupid"?

Good lord I can't do math anymore. I thought I had a whole 7 days more before I started my training for the 2008 season but that all changed when I got my training sent to me today. I was first thinking that it was nice to get it way in advance; that it would give me some time to mull through it and get questions answered. Then when I opened it I saw that it was for Monday the 10th start!! Yes folks tomorrow. Then I thought - What the? Serious? You gotta be kidding me. No way. Not true. So I go back into my training diary and start counting the days I had off in my off season.....yep....28 days - could have fooled the fool! I still swear its been 21 days.

I guess it must have been wishful thinking or something when I had it in my head that I started back up NEXT Monday! I have been thinking it was NEXT Monday the whole time too. Oh well. So much for all that stuff I had planned this week in the way of projects that I never completed in my off season!! Maybe Chris will do them.............HA!

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