Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Coyotes- oh my!

See? I am not a freak out in the woods for no reason because I finally almost ran into a coyote this morning. I was being pretty quiet and so was it and I rounded the singletrack dirt corner and BAM. There it was. I actually thought it was someones dog because it was pretty fluffy and had more meat on it than a normal scrawny coyote. But it was no ones dog, that's for sure. It made a bee line for the scrub oak and I never saw it again.

Then to add to things I went to a party and this gal was telling me that in the same place I saw the coyote, she had been followed with her dog all the way down the trail by a pack of them. She said it was the first time she had ever really gotten nervous out in Heber's Dutch Canyon. I guess she spotted them at the top of the trail and then she could hear them parallelling her in the woods all the way down to the parking lot! That is freaky.

So after my "in the wild" experiences, I did something WAY out of the ordinary for me and something totally on the other end of the spectrum. I went to a casting call. The only reason I knew about it was because a friend (who believes in me and what I do) has friends in the production business. They were looking for some mtber's and outdoorsy people for an advertisement for a very popular brand of food. And really what they were looking for was someone who was willing to get muddy for a shoot, someone down to earth and athletic. How about that? So I went and took some head shots. Might as well right because it's a unique experience?! Turned out too that I knew the lady taking the shots and the other lady that was there has a husband that has been involved with Titus Cycles for some time. Small world. Hollywood here I come. OR NOT.


Chris at Binghams said...

Is MacDonalds delving into the energy gel Biz? I have been waiting 10 years for a squeezable form of Special Sauce. Anybody can make high carb gels and trendy 40-30-30 nutrition bars but give this guy an all fat sports product and I am sold! Plus, you roosting on Ronald would make for great television, so....

Kathy Sherwin said...

You guessed it. So now that I know what what suits your fancy there will be no more liquid goodies for you.....just cases and cases of that new squeezable Special Sauce gel. Mmmmm. Yummy.