Friday, October 5, 2007


Today was a yoga day and I just couldn't get into "the flow". I think maybe it was the fact that some gal came in late and put her mat about 6" away from my mat and we kept hitting feet and hands and all. That was gross. Oh and THEN I suddenly noticed movement on the floor by my mat and I bent down to get a better look and it was a little furry spider! Looked like a baby tarantula I tell you. That is just what I need crawling all over me while lying down at the end of practice. I mean, I know I eat an ungodly amount of bugs will training and riding all the time but spiders?......yeah....well that is a totally different story. I know they pretty much rule, but I really don't want them around me.

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Anonymous said...

spiders, grouse! all I can think of is them getting under my skin and multiplying! EEKS.