Monday, November 5, 2007

A Bit of a Rant

As much as I love training in Heber normally, I think I have figured out why have been so annoyed with cycling here lately. As you may know, Heber is growing big time. There is development on every vacant cow pasture. And with that comes transport/maintenance trucks and crews whipping up and down the roads and some of those roads are so TRASHED now making riding skinny's a good cyclocross adventure on pavement.....or what was once considered pavement.

Also, try doing intervals on the one real good long steep road that now has construction crews on it stopping traffic intermittently because they have turned it into a one laner for the time being. Ugh. Kills me!!!

They are getting used to me now though at least because at first, they would tell me to go on up and through on the one lane and would then send cars coming the other way at me. Nice - thanks a bunch guys. After living through that and after talking to them nicely telling them what I was trying to accomplish and that basically I wasn't going away for a long time, they stopped that action. Now, thankfully they work with me letting me pass on through safely at all times without stopping in the middle of an interval which is a bad feeling all the way around (you cyclists know what I am talking about here).

I need to remind myself that although this all is a pain, it's better than training in my basement which I will have to do soon enough!!

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