Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Harp?

Today was one of those flawless travel days where it was bing bang boom the whole way. I like travel days like that. I am talking as in the luggage was there in Seattle circulating on the thingy before I was even there. One of those days. Yeah!!

The guy at the airport in SLC could not get why I was taking my bike up to the Pacific Northwest to ride at the end of November. "You are doing what? What is THAT? I never heard of that" He could not fathom the idea of not sitting all nestled up on a couch with hot cocoa by the fire for the next few months. Welcome to our world dude! :)

Another person asked me if I was carrying a harp. Why do people always think my bike box is a dang harp? How many people play those and do people still play those? I am not getting down on harp players here but I am wondering how many people know how to play one and do or ever did play one. The ratio can't be too high. Then I look at the odds and wonder HOW IN THE WORLD these other people would choose "harp" as the first thing out of their mouth when inquiring about the contents of my massive piece of luggage? I mean really, a harp? What are the odds that it would actually BE a harp? Do I look like a harp player? What does a harp player look like? Maybe I do look like one?! By the way - What is in YOUR luggage?

Alright enough of that shat. So yeah, 24 people on the plane out and the one dude sitting in front of me (he moved at the last second) decides to recline his seat. Nice. Thanks a bunch. Think you could have picked one of the other 45 vacant rows and done the same thing without bothering someone else? What a weasel. .....Ok, so maybe EVERYTHING wasn't completely flawless.

But once into town and settled I got out for a great ride in some nice dry weather here in Pacific Northwest if you can believe it. That doesn't happen too often this time of the year. Off to Portland tomorrow.

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