Friday, November 30, 2007

USGPCX CX Course - Portland, OR

Holy cow what a HUGE day.

Built the bikes up, drove to Portland, got on course, got recovered, navigated my way to host housing, moved in, got sent unexpectedly to the airport for a pick up, navigated my way there, race # pick down town (oh yeah, I am 40 out of 43 - yeah baby!!), dinner, trip to Trader Joe's for one thing-get 31 things, back to host housing, do muddy laundry and then about fall to the floor without trying. I am happy to be just chilling right now. This day wasn't the way to ward off my cold. Shoot.

Our host family is just amazing and so welcoming. So welcoming in fact that they gave me the garage code to come on in even if they weren't there (which they weren't) when I first arrived. Kind of weird helping yourself to someone else's house that you don't know while they are gone. Thought for sure the neighbors would call the pole-ee.

Then they hooked me up with a GPS for my car since I had NO idea how to get around Portland but yet had all these "errands" to do tonight. Ever used one of those things? Me neither and now I want one. Wow they are amazing. But they did warn me that the gps lady can be beee-atchy if you go too far or make a wrong turn. Too funny.

Course is good and very uneventful. The only thing making it eventful is the one set of barriers. Otherwise its good for mountain bikers with off camber slick stuff. There are a couple muddy sections that will rut out in no time prior to our race at 1:45pm tomorrow. 80% road, 20% pavement I'd say. One s-turn and not many tricky turns overall. Power course. Flat. Lots of grass that is still pretty firm. We are definitely getting muddy tomorrow though!

Ran into Jon G and the Peterson's too. They are happy and are ready to rumble tomorrow!

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