Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is it really Thanksgiving?

You know you are demented when you see the temperature is at 37 F and you are excited. But geez, it has been sunny and dry here for a while and its just cold at this point. The dry roads make it easy to train still and there is even mtbing to be had if you want!

This is outside of Heber Valley on our way to Thanksgiving dinner at Denny and Julie's. Kind of cool.

So, we celebrated Thanksgiving with 7 other buddies. What a great evening with lots of fun and great food. Good times. A cycling crowd at its finest I must say! It was nice to relax a bit and have an abundance of some of the best food ever surrounding you for hours on end. The crew (Chris, Denny's mom, Emily, Julie, Ty, Denny, The Chad, Devon):

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