Friday, November 23, 2007

Now we are talking X-Mas?

Ok, so I am barely grasping the fact that Thanksgiving just occurred yesterday and now I am seeing Christmas trees loaded on ever other car? Wow. It just doesn't seem like it's that time of year yet! Maybe it is the lack of snow doing it to me.

So yeah..............Cyclocross race tomorrow and I forgot until late tonight that my CX bike is still parted up sitting in the bike box. Nice. Glad I remembered tonight and not tomorrow morning!! That would have sucked! When I figured out it was in the box still I let out a big bummed "ah man!?!!" because putting it together was the LAST thing I wanted to do right now. So I tried to make it fun and timed myself putting the bike together so I would hurry and just get it done with. 16 minutes. I know you all can beat that.

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