Friday, January 4, 2008

Am I Supposed to

do a year in review? It is probably not a bad idea as it makes you reflect on the good, bad and the sometimes uncontrollable. I will put my year into categories that matter to me -why not?

Family - it was good year all the way around. Everyone remained healthy for the most part (you know who you are!!) which I will take a big sigh of relief on. And I saw more family members this year and more often too! That was really good especially when I am on the road as much as I am already.

Friends - Holy cow friends!! Love em and made more of them this year thanks to cycling. All my buds are so good to me but I do wish I could spend more time with them when asked. So many "I can't.....I have to train"or "I can't......I am not in town" coming out of my mouth.

Cycling - Still in love with it! Best season yet to date. Got on the podium at Nationals twice on the MTB circuit in Short Track and Cross Country. As for cyclocross I can say too - best season yet to date coming in 8th at a National race. Yes!

Health - I had tough year with this one only really because of dislocating all my ribs on the right in June then getting a Staph infection in September. At least the infection was in my off season I guess. Overall though, this wasn't too huge of a deal and really my health was excellent!

Some favorite moments/highlights from 2007.

Finally doing it:

Watching Chris kill it in Super D this year:

Hanging with the fam when I could:

Having a blast doing cross this Fall/Winter:

As for 2008? More racing, more laughs, more fun! At least that is MY plan.......

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