Sunday, January 27, 2008

Every Condition

Today I got outside and found just about every variable out there. Powder, mud, crud, pavement, slush, ice and snow. I was on my cross bike poking around the valley and eventually headed up Snake Creek Canyon. The weather was nice when I started but once I got up the canyon a bit the bare roads eventually turned to powder and it started snowing. The rear wheel was spinning a ton so I got twice the distance in without actually going twice the distance. Kind of like an outdoor, in the elements, trainer you could say, which at times was super annoying. But my determination to get up the canyon may have been even MORE ANNOYING than that because I would NOT quit. I had it in my mind where I wanted to go when I started this venture, and by golly, I was going to get there!

At one point I had to stop for some snowmobilers who told me I was brave. Stupid is probably more like it since I had to turn around and descend on the same slick conditions I just road up! Actually my Challenge tires were PUURRRR-FECT on the way down and gave me no issues.

Need some cereal to go with those berries? Holy mackerel!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris was eating the same thing at DV today! Crazy girl, get off your bike, the weather sucks!


Yes, there is some crazy involved but getting out is way better than my basement right now! Will make Spring/Summer seem like a dream when it finally arrives.