Friday, January 25, 2008


Some of you may know that I came up to Seattle to care for my dad. Mom needed an extended break after two years of caring for him and so we shot her off to Hawaii with a pal.

Super late last night after I went to bed, mom got home and I woke up this morning to "a mom under the Christmas tree." It was sweet - go to bed without her there and wake up to her there! Since she got home so late she made her bed in the living room for the night. She claims she likes it but I am still not convinced.

But while mom was gone I got to take dad for drives, prepare his food and just tried to take this opportunity to spend some good quality father daughter time with him. I even got him to play Tic Tac Toe with me!! And he beat me twice.....say what?! I am not to happy about that and am going to need revenge here soon. Ha ha! Oh and we also got a pedicure together. Not too many people in the family can get away with taking dad in for that let me tell you.

It has been a good trip home and I have been happy to help mom and the family out by flying up here to do my part. She needed the time and she got it!! I am happy for her. Caring for someone is very hard on the caregiver. She tries to meet her own daily needs and also his and that can and will take a great toll on a person. Good for her for getting the heck out of dodge and heading to Hawaii! That was big step for her but now she knows she can do it and that all will be well on the home front.

Oh yeah, and since the sky looked like this (I am still very upset that there IS a cloud in this pic- I mean really now)..........

.......I went for a ride and ran into this (some guy in a dry suit with an inner tube TRYING to break the ice by jumping on it). Hmmmm??

Oh yeah and I clocked that stupid corner at 18.8 today which is better. In addition I discovered some dude drafting me while I was doing a race effort along the waterfront. The only reason I saw him was because of his shadow! Scared the bah-Jesus out of me! Are people just supposed to do that willy nilly? I thought that was weird. Then we got to a light and he stayed behind me obviously not going to talk. So I turned around and said hows it going. After about 10 seconds of solid silence he finally responded. Maybe he didn't know I was chicky. Strange.

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