Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ride and Rumble

We met up with DJ and Eddie her dog at Church Rocks.
And horsed around doing several out and back loops checking the whole area out.
Chris wasn't liking our adventurous attitude in the creek bed.
So I made him take a picture of me.
Thought that would brighten his day.
Not sure it worked.
Then we jumped in the car because this was coming.

Only to be stopped a block from the trail head for a swat team that was in action. There were about 20 plus cop cars, armored men with guns sneaking around a house getting ready to pounce. No pics of that cuz we got the heck OUT. Still surprised they let us through the street they had "closed" off. Utah.

Some cool scenery on the way home although the weather got ugly as we got to the Provo area.

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