Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Vegas or Not to Vegas

Talk about being on the fence about things.

We left the hotel room packed for Boulder City, NV thinking that the St. George trails were all drenched.

Then get to a coffee shop in St G and run into, Newby, a local extraordinaire and ripper of a racer. It was destiny cuz he was headed out for a road ride but we talked him into showing us around the St. George trails for the low price of free after convincing us things wouldn't be bad here. And they weren't!

Our leader, Newby.

As luck would have it Oh-"I definitely know how to ride a bike"-Ran was in town too and was willing to join the madness.

So Brad took us around the parameter of St. George heading from the Red Rock bike shop to the Pioneer Park Trail, Paradise Canyon, the Zen Trail and back. But it wasn't without incident of course - it is a group ride after all and we all took our turns with problems.

Ohran was first with his SWEET out of the box 09 Cannondale Rize and working out the normal kinks.

Chris was second taking Ohran out in the process as he crossed a foot wide gap (Ohran following). Chris's front tire burped taking him out, leaving Ohran to fen for himself and make a choice of either running Chris over or casing it himself. Everyone was ok.

Brad was next, with shifting issues. Who needs the big ring anyway I say? Just 150 rpm it! :)

Then I decided to run over a nail.

Happy after a good 3 plus hour ride.

Not bad weather here today.

Gonna be a good year for Ohran. He's on fire!

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