Friday, February 22, 2008

Skiing by Morning. Riding by Night.

Lord it was a big day that started in Northern Utah and ended in Southern Utah.

Driving down South.......

Boy did we luck out today with the weather today. After Chris ripped some runs at DV early in the am and I pulled off my very first head stand in Yoga (yes!!!!.....took 2 years) we drove to St. George and encountered rain, snow and fog almost the whole way down. But when we got out to ride Church Rocks there was no rain and the soil had soaked up much of the storm.

We got our ride in and and afterwards called a local friend Quentin who is now a proud owner (along with his wife DJ) of a bike shop in Hurricane, UT called Over the Edge Sports.

We had dinn dinn with him and then he opened the shop so we could take a look around and get some of the finest after dinner coffee known to mankind. Check out the nice set up and the NICE coffee too (Caffe Ibis) that he has in the shop.

Open Wed - SUNDAY (yes, Sunday!), Over the Edge Sports sits conveniently at the base of the road that leads up to the Gem Trail and Gooseberry Mesa. Quentin knows what he is doing when it comes to everything about bikes too. You can trust him with his knowledge and all his experience. He has been racing since he was 5, starting with BMX and DJ has raced Pro MTB forever too along with being the mastermind behind trail building to include the wonderful Hurricane Rim trail that we know and LOVE.

Check out that fork Quentin used to ride as a kid. That has got to hurt! Anyone know what it is and who made it? That is the one thing Quentin does not know.

Oh and they even have free pecans because there are two massive pecan trees in front of the bike shop. We only took one with us since it was raining CATS AND DOGS and we had to head for cover!

As for the cool (what comes around goes around) thing that happened for the day.............

When I got out of the car I must have dropped my leg warmer because when I came back out to the car someone had hung it on the car. Had they not done that I may have never seen the thing. That was nice of someone to do. Now rewind about 10 hours when Chris was walking through the parking lot to work. Chris noticed that some guy had unfortunately left his sunroof open and it had started snowing BAD. Chris ran back to his car, got some towels and placed them over the sunroof. That was a nice thing to do to and it paid off I guess with me getting my leg warmer back later in the day. Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy now? Yeah, me neither. :)

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