Thursday, February 21, 2008

The S's are Here

Sand + Snow + Spray + Slush + Salt + Stones + Slop + Super large holes + Snow Showers + Rain Showers + no Sun =

Getting Splashed
Getting Soaked
Slurping Shat
Having one Soiled bike after it is all said and done

I am just going to have to get used to all of this as we get into Spring because it is not going away anytime soon.

The runoff is huge, the potholes are immense, the rocks are coming down off the cut banks at me, the streets are laden with everything but pavement, the cars are kicking up more water than usual and drinking from my water bottle after 5 minutes out is downright nasty!

It is like an obstacle course out there and yet, it is still WAY better than my basement!! Life is going to seem so easy ONCE we are back to clean and clear streets again.

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