Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tour de St. George

Today Bob (right) and I hooked up with about 10 other riders (some local, some not) who were willing to tote some newbies around on the St. George trails. I have to say that I have done very little riding in the actual St. George area (we usually head out towards Bloomington or Hurricane) and it is awesome!

We started at the Red Rock bike shop and made our way around all of the St. George and Ivans area via singletrack (some roads here and there but not a lot) heading from the Pioneer Park Trail, to Paradise Canyon, to the Zen Trail then to the race course and finally back to the shop. I had no idea that was even possible to do either! I have never had (just shy of) 4 hours fly by in the blink of an eye like that.....ever. I usually bored out of my mind at that point but not today. I could do that whole loop again tomorrow and be a real happy camper.

But snow and not so super weather is supposed to make its way here overnight so we will have to see what happens. I guess the chances are so high of bad weather that another group of SLC riders that we ran into tonight are leaving for home now instead of tomorrow. Oh boy, we are certainly taking our chances by sticking around!!! Time will tell if we made the right decision. It is well worth the risk though since we are already here and were planning on staying anyway.

Paradise Canyon area:

The view from the top of the Zen trail overlooking St. George:

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