Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Start of the Season

I am packing today for the first time this year for a bike race. It will be the first of many many many races and packing sessions to come. But the first pack is always the hardest because you are rusty from the winter and can't quite remember what mattered to you and what didn't during the last season. Plus, its all "out with the old and in with new" meaning swapping out all your bike clothes, any sponsor clothing, bikes, parts, etc. with the new stuff. So its not like you can just take your pre packed bag and go which would be ideal. All fun but time consuming.

I spent a good 6 hours packing today because I can't just simply PACK either. To simply pack would mean I am not a type A personality therefore if I get in that sock drawer and it needs organizing.....it is getting organized right then and there. So between that and changing out all my gear things take me FOREVER on the first trip of the year. Did I mention FOREVER?

When I was cleaning out my files (no not today, the other month!!....I am not THAT bad) I ran across this article from a 2004 Velo News. I clipped it for good reason because as I get ready for the start of my season today, this says it all. I took the bits and pieces of it that really tells it like it is.

*Oh and the "him" they refer to below can also be a girl too I think for my purposes. :)

Happy trails to you all that are heading to a race this weekend!

Let the season and fun begin!

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