Monday, March 24, 2008

Heat Stroke

Today was one of the first days that it hit 50ish in Heber. It was gorgeous out but I couldn't follow suit and wear one layer like I wanted to. I wore my staple two very thick "winter" layers in hopes of continuing to help my body get used to heat and warmer temps again for this weekends up and coming first National MTB race in CA. Read about Heat Acclimatization here.

This has been a rare year where Heber hasn't reached the 60's and 70's yet which means I am still training in colder weather. And, in order to offset that a bit and to try and adapt to warmer temperatures (which will eventually come but not soon enough!!) I have been bundling up and sweating to death on each ride in order to simulate a warmer environment. Makes for a pretty miserable experience really but that what MTB racing is all about in the much misery, suffering and pain you can take which sounds terrible but is so fun to challenge yourself with.

So, heat wise, this is the best I can do at the moment to prepare for this weekends race. Everything like that matters even if its only makes a 1% difference because sometimes that percent is all you need. But I sure would like to just slip a pair of shorts and jersey on and enjoy the weather some too! Soon enough I guess......

**oh and I took the above picture cuz I thought it was kind of a funky view of whatever that is covering the ground. Here is a closer shot:

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