Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friends

I needed to get a few mtb miles in today on my new Cannondale Taurine so who else would I call on an Easter Sunday to fit the bill?

It started with I love mayonnaise who agreed to be a part of the "no place to go on Easter" crew and we ended up with more buddies who happened to also be a part of the "no place to go for Christmas" crew in 07. See a trend here for all of us?

So all us misfits which included Bobbay, Fox, Ali and his buddy set out for a ripper of a ride in Salt Lake City from Shoreline towards Dry Creek. And it was ON from the start which of course is a steep climb. Ugh. Good thing I warmed up while driving myself to the trailhead. Not!

The Taurine was awesome and was like a dart. It handled exceptionally well and soaked up all the nasty bumps so my body didn't have too. That is what I am talking about! It was the first time out on it and I am very psyched to have it as part of my fleet for the season.

It was good to see that we weren't the only people with no place to go today as we knew almost every group we came across whether it was TONS of roadies on the road, hikers w/ their dogs or other mtber's on the trail. Pretty much everyone from SLC was out and about today enjoying the almost 60 degree weather.

What a good day. The trails were nice and ridable (with a few flash backs from the CX US Nats Kansas City race here and there) and the company was more than fun. Everyone knows how to laugh and have a good time whether its doing nasty stuff like this to see if they can suck it back up or just trying to out sprint each other to a stop sign. I am lucky to have friends that I love and who know how to rip on a bike. I am looking forward to getting in some more group rides with these guys as the snow continues to melt.

***photo courtesy of Sly. I wasn't all that into the pic thing today for whatever reason. Like Ali's sox?

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