Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Broke the Bank

Have you ever broken the bank? I did today. You know what I did? I put a ton of coins in the plastic case that shoots up and over from my car to the teller so she can deposit the $ in my account.

..............and it was too heavy for the air to push it.

So it's stuck there now where I last placed it until after Easter cuz the bank has to call the service people.

Crud. That is embarrassing eh?

Here, I will say it for you.............."nice work Sherwin."

But it made me feel better that the very first person I told had done the same thing.........uh, yeah, when she was 18!!!!!!!

Here I was thinking that it is the year 2008 and the coins shouldn't be a problem BUT what I should have been thinking was, you live in Heber girl!! :)


Anonymous said...

smooth move sherwin!


I didn't think anyone in Heber would mind if they couldn't deposit or get $$ out of the bank over the weekend, you know? :)

Patricia Sherwin said...

Was that your whole allowance stuck in the tube at the Heber Bank?


I'd consider it our "savings" since it was ALL the change out of the loose change jar. :)

They all laughed at me at the bank when I went in on Tuesday to straighten out the mess. Rightly so for sure! I can guarantee that I will never do that again.