Friday, March 21, 2008

Teeter Totter

All I have to say is don't get sick because it makes life so incredibly difficult. For about over a week now I have been sick. It is such a bummer when that happens after you take all the precautions too. But once sick, you find yourself fighting everyday with the ever pending and annoying questions like:

to train, to go, to not go, to do half the training, to do all of the training, maybe none of the training, how about some of the training, to rest, to sleep instead, to relax, to not do errands that NEED to get done, etc. And those were just the questions regarding trying to get on the bike.....then there is yoga and pilates - what about those and fitting those in? The whole series of questions starts all over. Oh joy.

Being an athlete is finding that fine balance of everything and thankfully at this point I know my body on and off the bike. I can tell you when I am getting sick before it happens in most cases and I can tell you when I can feel myself riding into a hole of sickness. It has all come from experience and not very good ones at that but I learned from them at least. Every time I get better and better at reading when it is ok to get on the bike again and for how long and at what intensity making life a little easier without racking the brain too much.

Here is to good health!

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