Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NV to CA

We drove in from Reno to CA today with a nice tailwind. That got us to Sea Otter venue near Monterey in no time it seemed. And the first person we saw when we pulled in? Devon who works at White Pine Touring in Park City, UT. Go drive 14 hours and get to your destination only to find someone that you had Thanksgiving dinner with!! Small world.

Chris and I got a good laugh at this car that TRIED to avoid the piece of cardboard flying around in the road. It is just the small things in life right?

We were able to check out the Super D Course too. It is %95 downhill I'd say and you will need more than your big ring to keep up with the pace for sure. It is wicked fast and not too technical as you can see here. This road is the Super D as it bends to the left and continues on down Toro Park.

Whoever doesn't crash, likes to take chances and is a fan of HIGH speed will win. There is one part that you need to avoid on the course and is just a matter of knowing where it is to avoid it.... and that is these huge grand canyon size pits that appear out of nowhere suddenly in the middle of the road. I am sure that flooding created them during the wet season. They are pretty scary as they line the course one after the next in certain parts and you wouldn't want to find "your line" right over them as you would go over the bars pretty quick.

After this we got settled with friends of friends (thanks Pete!!!) that live in Pacific Grove right off of 17 mile drive near Pebble Beach in their gorgeous home. They were so nice to take us rif raf in for the Sea Otter Classic I tell ya!

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Good Luck at Sea Otter!