Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Otter

Holy mackerel does Cannondale have some big real estate taken up at Sea Otter this year. The tent is so huge that you can't even yell to another person on the other side of it because they'd never hear you!

Outside of the Sobe/Cannondale portion of massive tent space:

We went and pre road the cross country race course today. It is the same old course, just a different year.......long, dustier than years past and there are some super sandy in sections too. Paul from SoBe - Cannondale caught up to us out on the course and we sucked him into our crawl of a pace, speed. Good lord we went slow. Poor guy, he was probably bored to tears but we had a great chat about racing and life in general.

And then the Sea Otter venue sucked us in with visits to some sponsor tents, tire changes for the Super D, seeing old friends, making new ones, new shifters, derailleur changes and of course just simple general bike maintenance too.

Eric our mechanice at SoBe - Cannondale puts up with all us athletes so well and is so wonderful have around to help when we are ready to scream with frustration. What a guy!

Leana Gerrard rocking the Mona Vie kit:

Then it was out to a yummy Thai food restaurant that was near the water with our host family, Michael and Marilyn. Awesome!

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