Saturday, April 26, 2008

Santa B - Palm Desert, CA

Yes, to Palm Desert again. For some reason I feel like I have done this route before......and all too recently as well. Oh ya, that cuz I did. Just over 2 weeks ago in fact when I went from the Fontana NMBS race to the Fountain Hills, AZ race. Hmmmm. For some strange reason my travels seem to be taking me in flipping circles, literally around the the country on the same freeways, to the same houses (I have seen my Aunt and Uncle 3 different times just this month and am seeing my buddy again in Fountain Hills too) . All good things but good gravy!

Well actually this reason is strange. I am headed to the Tour of the Gila RR this weekend. Say what? A road race for the mtb chickie? That's right! I thought it would be a good 19% hill climb adventure in the middle of hanging in Santa Barbara, CA for a month. Why not? If you can, you might as well so I am gonna drive to New Mexico for some good ole arse whooping on the road. You think I would actually stay in ONE place for a month. I would nev-ah!

I cannot wait to see what is up my ally for the next week at the Gila. It is going to be an eye opener for sure. I like learning and that is a good thing, because I will be learning while in the line of fire for 5 days during the race. Thank heavens we have a team of 6 mtb gals, some of whom have done this race before too. Our team name is "Sobe Bella" because it is a mix of the SoBe Cannondale MTB Team and the Velo Bella squad: Jennifer Wilson, Shannon Gibson, Nina Baum, Sonya Looney, Jose Nelson and myself.

But first I bring to you the commute update of the day....

A fire on I-10 slowed us down a bit (note the black grass):

Firemen, fighting.

The wind mills of Palm Springs looking like soldiers.

Heading back to Fountain Hills tomorrow. 95 degrees and steaming!

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