Sunday, April 27, 2008

Palm Desert, CA - Fountain Hills, AZ

We hung in the heat with my Aunt and Uncle for under 18 hours and enjoyed every bit of the green grass, seething sun, and wonderful home cooking. My Aunt and Uncle are cleaning out their fridge and cupboards of all the food so our timing couldn't have been more timely for us all!

We saw this car parked today in CA. If you can't read what it says on the says "Wash this eye sore". That's a new one for me.

Oh yeah, and here is some advice. You know that tube that you have that has been sitting in your bike bag for years and years and years because you haven't gotten a flat in that long? Try inflating it and checking if for holes if you haven't already. I just checked my tube.......the one I have been using as my spare in every race I have done so far this year and..yep....found a hole in it right below the stem. Whoops. Glad I never needed to actually use it!

And if you don't know this one either like I didn't at one should always carry that extra non holey tube with the valve cap ON it because without the cap, the valve can bury itself into your tube which means, unexpected puncture. Not good! Been there, done that.

Off to Silver City, NM tomorrow. Land of 5600 feet. Don't know where Silver City is? Yeah, me neither. I better get on that one.

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