Monday, April 28, 2008

AZ to NM

I finally had an accident. No, not a car or bike accident. Lets just say I have been at one too many houses in the last few weeks (6 to be exact) and I am getting all mixed up with the different layouts because I got up groggily in the middle of the night to use the facilities at our buddies house (that we just got to yesterday) and slammed my face into a cabnet and my teeth put a hole the size of a bb in my lip. Nice work Sherwin. And to think my mom worries about me DRIVING and BIKING. Gheesh.

Got out for a nice and smoken hot ride (it was in the 80's) while Chris did some MTB riding at Fort McDowell. It was awesome! Then stretch, shower, make lunch, pack up and hit the road for NM.

In the middle of the flat desert on our way across AZ and NM there were these cool rocks for about a mile only then it got flat again.

Sure hope that doesn't fall out. Zoinks!

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