Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Silver City, NM

SoBe Bella Team photo (me, Nina Baum, Sonya Looney, Jenn Tribe-Wilson, Shannon Gibson, Jose Nelson)

We got to our host housing in Hurley, NM pretty late last night. Hurley is about 11 miles away from Silver City, NM where the race "officially" takes place. Hurley is a super TINY town but there are two things there I guess.......jack and s*&%. I should have known this when the directions to get to the house were to first turn left at the flashing yellow signal and then make another left after we crossed the railroad tracks. Oh my. My town of Heber City is a metropolis compared.

Looking left just outside Hurley.

Looking right just outside Hurley.

The street we were staying on with the nicest lady ever!

Downtown Hurley all on one block

Good thing they have color TV at this place just outside "Silver" now (see bottom sign).

A groggy and lazy morning created a LONG and crazy day before the races started tomorrow. First I had to register and while doing so ran into the one person I know from road racing it seems like, Mike Engleman. He was willing to help out any way possible by driving a team car/support vehicle to feed from or give us extra clothing if it got ugly weather wise from. What a nice guy! He was supporting a bunch of teams and people because he is awesome like that.

Then it was off to check out where all the stage starts were because each stage starts at a different place around the Silver City area.
Downtown Silver City:

Then it was train, recover, head to the Team Managers Meeting which was a solid hour long, then team meeting at a local coffee shop in "Silver" then (oh yeah!) eat and get ready for getting up at the crack of 6am.

Chris keeping me company on my ride:

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