Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dr. Appt

I went to another hand doctor here in Santa Barbara today, got an x-ray and was told that everything was healing up just fine and dandy so far. I was also given strong words of advice not to go mess up the progress of bone filling in that 1mm space, or risk prolonged time in the cast. Grrrrrr. But I waaaaaant to race on Saturday!! Whaaaah!!!!

As it is right now, I can have the cast off in 3 weeks making this a 5 week ordeal. But if I go and jar the heck out of the joint and bone I risk undoing what has been done by my body to heal itself. I know what the correct answer is but I don't want to accept it yet dang it. I have had time to mill this all over up to this point, going over all the various scenarios in my head but I have a big choice to make right now and I pretty much know what the right answer is. Ugh.

So I walked out of the office, cast still on which was a big decision right there because all along I wanted to splint it at this point. But I have been so happy with the cast and its stability and the lack of pain and all. I have absolutely no pain right now so why mess with something good? My bone is safe and that is the best thing for it. Hmmmm. I think I know where I am going with these thoughts which is a good thing in the end....

Then everything was just hit right to home when I ran into a guy today that said he had a walking cast and still played soccer, then went in to see the doctor for an x-ray to monitor progress and the next thing he knew he was having a pin put in. Then he told me all about the annoyances of a pin which he really didn't have to do because I really don't want one!! No - thank - you. I am not into that unless it has to be done and from what it sounds like......I am clear at this point.

But now, my future is in my hands - Oh man I am funny.......that was a good one wasn't it??? :)

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