Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Santa Monica Riding

Chris and I got an invite to head south to Newbury Park and meet up with some Giant Bicycle employees among some others for some good ole fashioned dirt hammering session. It was the first time since I got sick with food poisoning last week that I had done much intensity but things turned out ok and were as good as they could be.

Chris on the other hand had gotten up at 5am to go surf until 10am this morning and was pretty shot before we even turned one pedal over. Despite that though he did well during his hammer session with the boys.

And, I was surprisingly able to hold my own riding on the dirt for the first time since getting my cast on 2 weeks ago. It was a good test and I felt pretty stable although breaking with my left hand (the one with the broken thumb) was a tad interesting and shifting was annoying (and pretty much not existant too). Not an ideal situation to be riding in a cast on singletrack but I made the best of it and had lots of fun!

Chris mixing it up.

There was even another nut job out there who was riding on a compound leg fracture (see the soft cast on this guys leg below?). His doctor who was at first opposed to him riding at all is now considering different methods for future patients based on just how well and fast this guys fracture is healing. Wow!! Every ones body is different - that is for sure! So 2 of the 11 of us tonight were riding with broken body parts. What is wrong with people like us? :)

After that the group rode to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains just in time for the sunset.

Andrew J., our fearless leader who promised he wouldn't leave me up on the mountain to die alone because I couldn't keep up with my thumb holding me back a bit, with Chris hanging at the top.

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