Saturday, May 10, 2008

May Gray in SB

I got out yesterday for a pitiful ride. I just felt hollow inside which isn't a big shocker considering that everything inside me IS hollow right now after getting over the flu. Not a good feeling especially when you are dressing for "May Gray" in Santa Barbara. That doesn't add to the fake cheer in my face.

So for today....we are trying to coerce our buddy, Brooke who lives here in SB to race beginner this coming weekend at the NMBS race in Los Olivos. She just ran a marathon in Oregon in 3 hours 29 min and her fitness is fabulous right now! Plus she knows how to ride! Kristin and I took her out on a local trail to see what she thought about racing this weekend. I think she like-ee.

Kristin should race too - she was ripping up and over stuff on a cruiser bike with slicks on!! Plus her fitness is amazing right now also.....she just got done running the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago in a rippen fast time.

Kristin and Brooke ........the "to be" bike racers if I get my way.

Meanwhile the other runner of the group, Eric decided to run up San Marcos Road with his bike by his side while enduring the hecklers yelling "just ride it" out their car windows (maybe THEY should get out of their CAR instead of making fun of others while DRIVING to the top-gheesh people!). But Eric does this because he enjoys running up vs riding up and then riding his bike back down vs running down. If those hecklers only knew that this guy is anything but lazy or unable to ride up the hill.............he road to work today, worked all day, swam after work then road home only to run up a 1000 foot climb and ride bike down. My oh my!

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