Saturday, May 17, 2008

NMBS #3 Cross Country - Santa Ynez, CA

Psyche!! No I didn't race. I was a good girl and stayed home which was hard but I knew it was coming.

So while everyone was feeling the effects of the heat during the NMBS race today I got out for a killer ride with about 4000 feet of climbing. The temperatures were still searing but not nearly as bad as where the race was being held.

I was in heaven on my bike and just could not get enough today! I could have gone all day it seemed but finally had to make myself stop after hours in the saddle. I was having SO much fun hammering all by my lonesome! It sucked that I felt SO good today too. SO good. But I did put it to good use and got some serious intensity in.

Sometimes I think my body just knows its Saturday and that it has to pull it together to make things run the best that it can. Because there is really no reason I should be feeling stellar right now other than the fact that I don't have food poisoning anymore. That will make one feel good I guess!

Overlooking the ocean on the way up to the 95 degree heat that was up and over the mountains.

The Painted Cave State Historic Park was on the way up. Kind of cool!

Thank god this chair appeared outta nowhere. It was fun heckling other cyclists as I enjoyed a local brew with my feet up in the middle of my ride.

Then it was off to the beach with Kristin to watch the boys surf.

Eric and Chris.

Chris heading on out to surf it up on the tiniest waves known to man kind (1 foot). They are supposed to be at 7 feet this Wednesday though!

Kristin, the sun goddess.

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