Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank You

for all the emails, phone calls, text messages and blog comments, everyone! Your support and understanding is overwhelming as I try not to get too discouraged about my thumb. Granted IT IS JUST A THUMB but by the same token it is a thumb and to have full use of it right now would be mighty nice. Needless to say with all your help and support along with some good healing I will be back in one piece soon!

And thanks to my buddies in Santa Barbara, CA and Phoenix for putting up with this craziness of coming and going all the time not as planned originally. Hanging out with the Sherwins is never a dull moment as I am sure all my friends can attest too!!

Be safe!


Epic Adam said...

Oh snap! Just found out. Get healed up. You are in too good of form for this to happen.


I hear ya! It is just like last year when I did my ribs a week after my first XC podium. Thankfully it is just a broken thumb this time round though.

Tiffany said...

KS- heal up quick. you are a bionic woman....sending the good chi vibes your way.