Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1 of Those Days Being a Pro Cyclist SUCKS

And while being a Pro cyclist never truly truly truly sucks, this was just one of those days that you wished you didn't have to "go to work".

This was not a good sign of things to come during my training today. That is a mountain with one big black cloud over it.

Envision sopping wet head to toe all the way into my shoes, socks and under the arches of my feet. Yep, that was my ride today. And good lord I am one stubborn athlete because I was going to keep doing those hill repeats out there come hell

I will admit that I did not dress appropriately either (didn't bring rain gear) when I left the house because it wasn't raining and........hmmmm.......well it's June....when usually gets sunny minutes after it rains anyway.

Well not today folks. 20 minutes in to my ride it started to lightly rain and 2 hours in I was a mess descending down hills, no fenders, rainwater kicking up into my face and drenching my back, getting cold as heck, pavement wetter than wet, cars kicking up spray and I really just could not see anymore either. Love - lee. When it was all said and done, I looked like a drowned rat! But hey, I got my job done.........but not without a lot of nasty things being said under my own breath!!


Jennie said...

Last night while pre riding the DV course , Theresa told me how you cruised up a particular steep section we were on in your big ring! I was in my granny gear. Amazing! Have fun in Vail! If there is a guy named Westy putting on the race tell him I say hi.


You should know Theresa well enough by now to know that she makes stuff up all the time just to make a good story! :)