Monday, June 16, 2008

Groundhog Day

So this really weird thing keeps happening to me every time I ride one of my routes through Heber. No matter what day it is (even Sunday!), what time it is, what the weather is or whatever....when I ride past this particular home that is on my route the lady that lives there is either getting the mail, walking to the mailbox or walking away from it after having gotten the mail. So weird and no I am not messing around. She has got to be wondering what the deal is because she sees me ride by every time she has mail in her hand too. How bizarre!

Ran into Naked Man today and he wasn't naked. In fact, he was driving and stopped so we chatted - he was headed home from his job. He is a Midway, UT resident now. We'll take more cyclist friendly drivers in our little peaceful valley of Heber any day!

Oh and a first happened to me today too. I was riding along and my seat bag (still attached to the seat post) dropped right down onto my rear tire and tried to suck itself through meanwhile causing me, the rider, to wonder why it was so hard to pedal all the sudden. Gheesh. What a dumb way to have an accident - luckily I didn't.


Anonymous said...

that woman is going to think you're stalking her!


I know!!