Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Riding Deer Valley

Chris and I got a ride in at Deer Valley today.

The trails are nice and dry and are even trying to get dusty too (it's about time!).

That was all fun and games until I lost a brake bolt. I heard a clink then all of the sudden my rear brake was making weird noises. I finally figured out why when I actually took the time to look back 10 minutes later.

I really need to start listening and most importantly reacting to those noises that I know aren't right but I am just too stubborn to stop because heaven forbid I STOP while riding.

Well, I did have to finally stop this time and when I did I looked quickly on the bike for another bolt that I could borrow to fix that rear brake but the only one I could find were the ones from the front break.....hmmm that puts me in the same dilemma .....better not do that.....

So that put me at the top of the mountain, with one dang brake, the front one, and a weak left hand to handle that. Lovely. Natural selection at its finest but I managed to get down the mountain to hit up Todd Daines in the Deer Valley Rental Shop for some pieces.

He was happy to take on the challenge and got my bike dialed right away with ease. I worked with Todd for 10 years as a manager (in different depts) at DV and rarely see him anymore since I quit my fulltime position there. But we picked up right where we left off in good Deer Valley friendly fashion. Plus we got the bike bug in common and can talk forever about that!

All's well that ends well!


Jennie said...

excuse me, but what are you doing registering in my category at high uintas. It will be great racing with you, but I think you'll have more fun with the fast girls.


Thanks for calling that to my attention. The website pulled a funny and put me in the wrong Cat somehow. I got it all figured out now so you won't be sprinting me for the's all you! Have fun tomorrow.