Monday, June 30, 2008

NMBS #4 Super D - Deer Valley, UT

The Super D today ended up with another Sherwin on the Deer Valley podium but it wasn't me. It was Chris coming in 5th in the Open Men's category!

The Super D race today was like no other that I have done in that the course design was not a cross country racers dream come true. All the Super D's that I have done have been 20% uphill and 80% downhill and today's SD was about 99% downhill which is ok, just different. The real downhillers definitely had an advantage today and good on em!!

People lined up for the time trial format start with full dh bikes and pads. As you can see, I lack that sort of biz as I ran my bike at full speed to the designated line that you are officially supposed to jump on it at before sailing down the mountain.

The downhill was fast, rocky, dusty, rutted in sections and even contained a 1-2 foot full on drop off that was too steep to roll over because it you tried any of that cross country action on that sucker you would definitely go a** over tea I chose to cyclocross that part. I know - dork - but I really wanted to save my still healing thumb and save my kankle from any crashes that may happen if I decided to jump it. You HAD to commit to that thing and I wasn't positive I could.

I signed up for the Super in the first place because I really didn't know where my fitness was going to be after not racing for 6 six weeks. But after getting on the podium earlier in the day in Short Track I decided that my fitness was actually in a real good spot and not wanting to ruin that, I made the decsion to do the Super D more as a practice for my downhill skills. So that became my plan along with not getting hurt (again!) which worked out well.

That said, Mr. Sherwin had to make up for me and he did just that placing 5th. It was pretty amazing to get on the podium today in any category as a cross country racer but Chris proved it could be done, squeezing himself right onto that thing! That's my boy!

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