Friday, July 4, 2008

Park City 4th of July Parade

The parade started with a fly over. Love it!

Duck for is an unruly camel:

Beer people:

Our buddy Brooke:

He is like, tall and stuff:

And so are they:

Him too!

My favorite of all .....the bag pipes!

Great message!

Rossi represented:

Along with Deer Valley:

Park City sporting the street lugers:

And people skiing behind trucks on pavement:

Cute snowman -

Yey!! Bikes bikes and more bikes!!!!

People riding coolers! Sweet!

Chris and Jon -

Dogs in skinsuits. Hugh?

And most importantly, some of my family was there too from CA having a blast:

Then I had to scram and go beat the hell out of myself in the name of trying to get faster on a bike. Sometimes, just hanging at a BBQ with buddies sounds so much nicer than training in 90 heat but it will all pay off....right?!

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