Sunday, July 6, 2008


When riding yesterday I found this cute little nugget of a baby bird "lost" in the middle of the street. I rode right by him thinking he was rock! He couldn't fly because he was so young. When I stopped to corral him back into the bushes he jumped onto my hand! What a cutie pah-too-tee. He wanted a second chance at life that I was trying to give him because I will tell you what... had a car come he wouldn't have moved and that would have been that. Poor little fella.

I keep thinking about him and hope he is ok because I know nature is a beast. I guess I will just be happy that I was there for him when he wanted a second chance. If you can't tell, I pretty much LOVE birds.

This is him sitting by a massive piece of tar. He is tiny.

Alright I am off to ride with the Chad who is notorious for getting everyone lost, or not timing things right, or getting off of the trail somehow. What am I thinking?

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