Monday, July 7, 2008

Bench Creek

Chris and I went for a ride with The Chad, Warren, The Ron and Bobby today up at Bench Creek just outside of Kamas.

We went way back up in there somewhere deep into the thick woods laden with alpine trees and fir trees of all kinds. Sometimes you couldn't even see the singletrack turn in front of you until the last second because the growth was crazy! It kept you on your toes that is for sure.

It was some great singletrack that climbed for over an hour. There were loose rocks, downed trees, dust, mud, calf high stream crossings, cows, sheep, horses and even a few other crazy mtb riders out there too. Good stuff.

We only had a few problems....The Chad ended up with a blown fork AT THE TOP, and we had a couple of blown riders as well but we all made it back safe and sound with smiles all around.

Chris washing off the mud bogs:

The Ron:

Looks like we picked the right place to ride with blue skies the whole time cuz as we got home the weather was like this!

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