Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cluster = Today

You know that you are in for a good one when the day starts out with breakfast at the wheel.

Out of sheer last minuteness I decided to call my "head, shoulder, knees and toes" doctor that gets to see me every month it seems like. I wanted to see if I could get an appt about my kankle that is still swollen from the incident that happened right before Deer Valley race. Since my doctor keeps tabs on all athletes in the area and he had read this bit about my race at Deer Valley, he was more or less expecting me at some point to call for an appt. So when I did, he got me right in.... as in within the next 2 hours!

I am still experiencing swelling in my kankle and I started getting nervous about it since I am headed to the East Coast for a few weeks tomorrow and I haven't had it looked at yet. I really just needed to know what was up (if anything) with it.

I got some xrays which THANKFULLY came back clean and clear and it turns out to be just a "high sprain" of the ankle (which is why I can still get my cycling shoes on I guess) and should be just fine. After the doc tugged, pulled and yanked on it (practically taking me right off the table when doing it) to loosen it up I got some more exercises to add to my already long routine of stretching. But that is a good thing because a swollen joint throws off everything if you don't keep it loose and you can end up with more problems (like hips or knee issues in my case with the swollen ankle).

After seeing the doctor I was off for one crazy day of packing, making phone calls and getting any last minute stuff done. On that note, I ran into this website HERE regarding all the new baggage policies. It is a keeper for sure as it will determine what airline I will and won't fly based on price of flying a bike and extra bags fees. Thankfully Cannondale is trucking my Scalpel across the country for me as we speak....otherwise I'd be shelling out at least $250 in total it looks like for JUST THE BIKE to fly. Aye yie yie.

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