Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Lucked Out Today Big

Got up at the crack of 5am to make the first flight to Chicago. No problem- plane was on time and I sat next to people that didn't want to talk that early in the morning. Yes!

The only complaint I have about that flight was that the seat in front of me was broken and the dude put his seat back and because it was busted it came down 4 inches more than it should have.

So the thing was practically in my lap, I could smell the guys hair that needed washing and could also smell his breath that could have used a gentle cleanse as well. In addition to that I had a about just enough room to squeeze my magazine in between the reclined seat and my body. See, that is truly why I do I can actually get to the things under the seat when I am mashed in on a full flight. Try that on for size eh?

I got to Chicago and found that my next flight (to NY) was going to be just late enough for me not to make my next flight to my final destination (Boston). You wondering why I have so many legs for this trip? It is called cheap airfare....... So on a whim I asked the lady at the desk about the tight connection and she put me on a flight leaving in 10 minutes, getting me to Boston 3 hours earlier than expected. Sweet! The only thing was that the bags had to still follow my original itinerary so I would arrive without em in Boston. So what!!! But out of curiosity what did happen to those old airline rules that you had to follow your bags? Anyway, that was also a good flight that was on time, and again I didn't have to talk!! Yes!

Once in Boston since my plans had changed I needed to take the "T" all on my own from the airport to Davis Square cuz Sara wasn't home yet to pick me up at the airport. I was so proud of myself for doing that all by my lonesome and getting it right too cuz I don't know the first thing about a subway. But I did it and got there safe and sound to Sara's house.

And too while I was on the subway I met a guy that just got back from the 2008 Monterrey ITU Aquathlon World Championships and he got a silver medal in his age group! That is just way too cool. It is great to see other people killing it out there in other disciplines!

And to add......poor Sara has two broken ribbies from the BC Bike race which she and Kelli E. won. She cracked em on day 4 out of 7 days in a crash and kept racing on them. She is one tough cookie! They are floating all over the place when she moves as they are completely cracked in half. Ugh.....I remember that shiz all too well from last season. Even so though Sara is going to come with me to Windham like a trooper as planned although she probably won't race.

So after some dinner at a Thai place we drove by the airport to get my bags and my luggage was right there in the doorway to just grab and go.....not sure really if that was a good thing or a bad thing but at least I had my luggage I guess now???? That flight that I was supposed to be on from NY to Boston was 3 hours late too. That would have been a LOOOOONG stay at the NY airport had I not lucked out with the nice lady.

Ok, off to bed.....

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