Friday, July 11, 2008

Boston, MA to Windham, NY

Repack stuff, pack car, do errands, get groceries, drive 3 hours, see a massive Army plane

arrive, get bike, check in, unpack, organize, stuff food down and finally............go ride the Windham course at 6pm (Thursday). And it was worth the wait let me tell you.

The course here is GREAT!!!! It will well thought out, well designed and well executed every step of the way. Between the berms like a four cross course

The wooden bridges (20 plus of them)

The fly overs

the carefully placed flat stone sections, the names on signs for every part of the course...... someone put a lot of work into this course and those persons need a huge pat on the back for bringing the fun back into mountain bike racing. If we come back to Windham next year, you need to mark your calender and save your cash to make this one. We are all very impressed and very excited to race.

The current conditions for the course are dry and somewhat dusty. The course has you going in and out of the trees across ski runs

and is mainly singletrack with some great fire roads to pass on that have pur-tee houses on them.

It is a very punchy course meaning it is by no means straight up and then straight back down. It is definitely more designed like a World Cup course where all of the sudden you realize you are at the bottom again and heading through the start/finish area for another lap. It is deceptive like that.

Laps will be probably be around a quick 30 (or even less) minutes I bet if it doesn't rain. Ladies are doing 3 laps and the men 4 laps. It is going to be a short, sweet and suffer-like effort in that there will be no rest and you will be going into the semi technical downhills completely anaerobic while trying to navigate the right line. It is going to be a party tomorrow at 11am. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Windham rocks! Good luck in your race!