Monday, June 2, 2008

They Call Me

Casted Kathy.

But not for long I hope. I head in to see the doctor tomorrow to see how my thumb is healing up. Cross your fingers for good healing and NO pins!!

The top 10 Reasons getting this thing off my arm tomorrow will rock:

It totally wreaks now. It's like wearing a sweater for 5 weeks straight, training in it too and NOT EVER washing it.

I am sick of little kids practically stopping in their tracks to stare at me like I am an alien.

Doing dishes sucks even more than normal.......try NOT getting it wet or splash nasty fish leftovers on it which will NEVER be washed away.

All my clothing has stretched out arm bands on the left side now. And on that note, I only have two jackets that fit over it and they are not cycling ones!!

After you are done training it's like wearing a wet sock around your arm for hours and hours. Such a gross feeling!

Itsss vErri dif fic alt 2 tipe .

My right side is like Incredible Hulk now and my left, well....Pee Wee Herman.

If I have to take one more shower with a bag over my arm I am gonna flip!

Makes for the worst and not so soft snot wipe ever when riding.

Changing a flat tire is out of the question when you are to hell and gone.

Top 10 reason my cast rules:

It is easy to thumb a cab.

My body has adapted to not needing my thumb so much; not sure what I am going to do when I get it back. What's it for anyway?

Mandatory manicures not done by you, cuz you can't.

Good insect catcher and keeper; wonder what we will find in there tomorrow....

(On a serious note) I have seen the good in many empathetic people.

It's my favorite color.

Makes great arm wear; no need to dress up with bracelets, watches, etc.

I am going to have the coolest tan ever when it comes off.

It's an excellent weapon.

5 week old cast grundle masks the smell of anything!

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Anonymous said...

Keep it when they take it off so you can chuck is at your competitors in short track.